All About Japan Travel Awards 2016

All About Japan Travel Awards 2016

The best of Japan—as chosen by you!

All About Japan (AAJ) was launched in September 2015 with the aim of growing the number of Japan fans around the world. As we celebrate our first anniversary—and approach a whopping 5,000 articles across five languages—we've organized the All About Japan Travel Awards 2016 to mark this momentous occasion. We asked readers to vote for their favorite pieces on AAJ, receiving thousands of votes from around the world. What pieces and what regions of Japan were most popular? You can see the results below!

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    4 Spots for Sakura Along the Water in Tokyo

    If you want ideas besides picnics for your cherry blossom viewing, how about walking along the river? You'll definitely appreciate the beauty of sakura from another angle!

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    8 Must-See Flower Spots in Hokkaido

    Hokkaido is a must-visit place for nature lovers. After its harsh and snowy winters, the land shows off tulips in spring, lavender fields in summer, cosmos in autumn, and many more colorful flowers throughout the year.

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    Japanese Festivals: Hanami

    Cherry blossom vewing, or 'hanami,' has a long tradition in Japan. Today people head out in droves to picnic beneath the blooming cherry trees, while more than a millennium ago, people in the royal court composed poetry just for cherry blossom viewing!

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    Akita Nairiku Line: Winter Wonderland by Rail

    Through the heavy Akita snowfall, a train with one or two cars makes its way across bridges that span deep valleys and through tunnels that burrow into the heart of the mountains of the region.

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    Pack Your Bags for Yamaguchi

    After seeing these pictures it'll be hard not to make a stop in Yamaguchi Prefecture during your visit to Japan!

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    Stunning Ryokan Views in Shizuoka

    Indulge in incredible 'ryokan' getaways in the area the emperor chose for his villa.

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    3 Animal Dances in Miyagi

    Where could you see a dozen tigers dance on a rooftop? Head north to Miyagi!

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    Top Photogenic Spots in Shikoku, Japan

    One of Japan's four main islands, Shikoku is full of charm. Being a remote island, it has a lot of unique attractions that you simply cannot see anywhere else. Get ready with your camera and take shots of these picturesque spots!

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    Drone Footage of Amazing Islands in Kagoshima

    This stellar drone video highlights a corner of Japan that's just about as far from Tokyo as you can get (both literally and figuratively!).

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    Aichi's Maglev Still Running Strong

    This is a great video about Japan's amazing Linimo levitating train.

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All About Japan Travel Awards 2016

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