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    JAL Domestic Economy Class Round-Trip Tickets
    (1 set for 2 people)

    Win a pair of JAL domestic tickets to the most convenient airport to the most-shared destination!

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    Hoshino Resorts KAI Accommodation invitation ticket

    This ticket is valid for 1 night stay with complimentary dinner and breakfast for 2 people.
    Presented by Hoshino Resorts KAI

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    TOWER BUFFET in Hotel New Otani Tokyo
    (Dinner for two)

    TOWER BUFFET offers an all-star selection of items from popular restaurants within the hotel. The culmination of skills of our chefs brings forth an impressive lineup of authentic dishes.
    Presented by Business World Corporation

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    2018 National Parks Calendar
    (10 Calendars)

    The Ministry of the Environment has prepared a 2018 National Parks Calendar as part of its Visit! National Park project. The calendar's 12 photos showcase the some of the best views in Japan's 34 picturesque national parks.
    Presented by the Ministry of the Environment of the Government of Japan

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    KAI Wrapping cloth
    (5 Wrapping cloths)

    In Japan, objects are traditionally carried around in a makeshift bag formed from a sheet of cloth.
    Guests are invited to use these cloths to carry their belongings around the premises.
    Presented by Hoshino Resorts KAI

Rules & Regulations

  1. General Rules

    • These details apply to the entirety of the relationship between the executive office (henceforth, “the Office”) for the All About Japan Travel Award 2017 “Choose the Japan You Want to Visit!” promotional voting (provisional) campaign (henceforth, “the Campaign”) and the User.
    • When the User has voted using the method established below, the User will be considered to have consented to the entirety of these details.
    • The Office reserves the right to change the details of the Campaign without prior notice to the User. If these details are changed in full or in part, the changes will take effect beginning at the point in time at which they are published on this website. If the User has voted after changes are made to these details, the user will be considered to have consented to the details as they exist following the changes.
    • The management of the Campaign will be conducted by the Office. The managing entity of the Office is All About, Inc.
  2. Campaign Period

    November 1st, 2017 – November 30th, 2017

  3. Campaign Entry Method

    Please vote after reviewing the “How to” items listed below.

  4. Summary of Prizes

    • First Prize: JAL Domestic Economy Class round-trip tickets (1 set for 2 people)

    • Second Prize: Hotel vouchers for Hoshino Resort Kai (1 set for two people)

    • Third Prize: Invitations to the Hotel New Otani Tokyo Tower Buffet (1 set for two people)

    • Nature Prize: 2018 National Parks calendar (awarded to 10 winners)

    • Experience Prize: Hoshino Resort Kai original wrapping cloth (awarded to 5 winners)

  5. Voting Conditions

    • Anyone can vote, regardless of age or nationality.

    • Users who are eligible to win this Campaign are limited to users who meet the following conditions:

      1. Must reside in Japan and have their area of residence declared on Facebook

      2. Must be a foreign national

      3. Must vote from their personal account

    • Votes made using any method not listed under “How to” will not be counted.

    • When any of the following conditions apply, or when the Office determines that any of the following conditions may apply to any shares or comments made, the User may be excluded from eligibility. Furthermore, the determination of whether said User will be subject to the aforementioned measure will be made at the sole discretion of the Office. The Office will not disclose its reasons for taking this measure.

      1. Material that violates the rights of a third party, including image rights, copyright, etc.

      2. Material containing sexual, violent, or discriminatory content

      3. Material that violates public order and morals

      4. Material that includes advertising, publicity, solicitation, or equivalent content

      5. Spamming or other nuisance conduct

      6. Material that contravenes the intent of the Campaign or obstructs the proper administration of the Campaign

      7. Content and expression deemed by the Office to be inappropriate

    • Winners of the Campaign will be contacted by the Office via social media direct message. However, if a winning User does not reply within the applicable period, the User will be excluded from eligibility.

  6. About Ticket Prize

    • Ticket Prize

      JAL Domestic Flight Round-trip Economy Class Pair Ticket (2 passengers)

    • Eligible boarding period

      January 9 - April 30, 2018, with the exception of the period from March 16 - 31, 2018.

    • Eligible routes and flights

      Japan domestic flights operated by JAL

      Except the following flighs and flight portions:

      • Tokyo (Haneda) - Amamioshima/Ishigaki/Miyako
      • Osaka (Kansai) - Ishigaki
      • Fukuoka - Sapporo (New Chitose)/Hanamaki/Sendai
      • Sapporo (New Chitose) - Hiroshima

      • Flights operated by TransOcean Air (JTA), Japan Air Commuter (JAC), Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC) are not eligible.

      • Codeshare flights with Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA), Amakusa Airlines (AMX) and other airlines are not eligible.

      • for more details about JAL's domestic route map, please refer to www.jal.co.jp/en

    • Terms and conditions

      1. The ticket prizes may not be transferred or exchanged for cash value.

      2. Restricted travel dates or flights may apply even within the eligible boarding period.

      3. The outbound and inbound flights must be the same flight portion (round trip on the same route).

      4. The prize winner must be the one of the passengers and travel together with the other passenger. Flight booking will be canceled, without prior notice, if any fraudulent use is found.

      5. Flight booking is accepted from 2 months up to 14 days before the departure date. Both outbound and inbound flights will be reserved at the same time.

      6. If the inbound flight is departing within 15 days from the outbound flight, booking for the inbound flight is accepted even its departure date is more than 2 months ahead.

      7. Flight reservation is subject to seat availability.

      8. Waitlist is not permitted.

      9. Winners may accumulate JAL mileage if they submit their JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) member number (Japan region). Please register ahead of time for the JAL Mileage Club. (Free) http://www.jal.co.jp/en/jmb/

      10. Any change of the reservation is not permitted once the tickets are issued. The prize winner will be considered to have waived the right to the ticket prize if the booking is cancelled.

      11. Please inform the airline if you intend to bring a child age 3 or under.

      12. The ticket is not eligible for upgrade to Class J or First Class by paying the extra charges.

      13. Passengers are responsible for all other travel expenses.

      14. In the case of any disputes, Japan Airlines (JAL) reserves the right of final decision and interpretation regarding the ticket prize..

  7. How to use hotel vouchers for Hoshino Resort Kai:

    • Period for Use: January 9, 2018 - June 29, 2018
      Please note that Saturdays, days prior to national holidays, days in which the Resort is closed, and the period from April 21 through May 6, 2018 is excluded.

    • Eligible Facilities: Please select from the following Hoshino Resort Kai facilities. The room type will be selected for you.
      Included Facilities: Kai Tsugari, Kai Kawaji, Kai Kinugawa, Kai Nikko, Kai Hakone, Kai Atami, Kai Anjin, Kai Ito, Kai Alps, Kai Matsumoto, Kai Enshu, Kai Kaga, Kai Izumo, Kai Aso

    • Conditions/Cautions for Use of Hotel Vouchers:

      1. Winners will be asked to give the number written on their invitation by phone when making a reservation.
      2. The rights to hotel vouchers cannot be transferred or exchanged.
      3. Limits apply to how many rooms can be booked.
      4. Standby reservations (waiting for a cancellation) will not be accepted.
      5. Customers will pay all fees incurred apart from those covered by hotel vouchers.
  8. How to use Invitation to Hotel New Otani Tokyo Tower Buffet

    1. Invitation may only be used at the Hotel New Otani Tokyo Tower Buffet. You must make a reservation before use.

    2. Winners will be asked to give the number written on their invitation by phone when making a reservation.

    3. The valid period is from December 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.

    4. Busy periods, fairs, and event periods are excluded. Please check with the restaurant for details.

  9. Disclaimers

    • The Campaign presupposes appropriate use on the part of the User, based in self-responsibility and etiquette. Contributions to and other use of the Campaign, as well as the handling of information obtained through its use, will be treated as the User’s responsibility. The Office bears no responsibility.

    • The User may not transfer, in whole or in part, the status or the rights or responsibilities resulting from their relationship with the Office as it relates to the Campaign to any third party without the prior written consent of the Office.

    • In the event that a dispute arises in relation to the Campaign, the Office receives a claim for compensation from a User or a third party, and a judgment is passed in court awarding damages or assessing liability, the Office will bill the user responsible for the cause of the dispute for all costs resulting from the dispute (including monetary damages, lawsuit costs, and legal fees).

    • The laws applicable to these details are the laws of Japan.

    • In the event that the need for litigation arises in relation to the Campaign, the Tokyo District Court will have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

  10. Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

    The personal information provided by the winners will be managed by All About, Inc. (henceforth, “the Company”) and used for the sole purpose of prize arrangement and delivery. Specific handling will be conducted in accordance with the Company’s “Privacy Policy. (http://allabout.co.jp/info/policy/).”

  11. Point of Contact Regarding the Campaign

    All About Japan Travel Award 2017 “Choose the Japan You Want to Visit!” campaign executive office (at All About, Inc.)
    Mail: info@allabout-japan.com

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